Migrating version 7.0+ to a new computer

How do I move an existing Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress 7.0 installation to a new computer?

Users may need to move their Serendipity software v7.0+ installation to a new computer for different reasons, the most common being a hardware upgrade to get better performance out of their software.

Migrating to a new computer is a straight forward process and can be done with little interruption to your workflow, even across differing operating system platforms.

Backup the current software installation

Start the migration process by making a backup of the current installation:-

  • Ensure all incoming jobs have finished processing and printing.
  • [Optional] If you wish to migrate your Serendipity Client settings and preferences to the new computer, perform a Client Backup via Client > Help menu > Backup Client Preferences.
  • Perform a Server Backup, via Server > Help menu > Backup Server. This will stop the Server and disconnect any Clients.
  • Click the Start Server button to restart the Server, then reconnect any Clients and continue working until you’re ready to migrate.

Note – the Server Backup includes the version 7.0 USB dongle and product license codes. These will be copied to the new computer when the backup is restored. For details on how to Backup and Restore the Client and Server, refer to the knowledge base here.

Migrating to the new computer

When the new computer is networked and ready for the software migration, proceed as follows:-

  • Install Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress v7.0 on the new computer using a downloaded or DVD software installer appropriate to the operating system.
  • Shut down the Server and Client on your existing computer, then remove the USB dongle.
  • Plug the USB dongle into the new computer, then start the software Server. Version 7.0 USB dongle users (only) will see the dongle information displayed as “no-bit” at this point.
  • Next, restore the Server from the backup file of the existing installation via the Server > Help menu > Restore Server option.
  • When the Restore is complete, click OK, then restart the Server.
  • The Server start up normally with all licenses installed.
  • Select the Server > Help menu > Check for Updates option to install the latest version 7.0 software updates. Click Yes on both pop-up messages to shut down the Server and proceed.
  • The Serendipity Updater window will open displaying required updates in the Available Updates tab.
  • Select the Additional Software tab, choose any required printer’s screening or HTM printer drivers, then click Install.
  • Restart the Server and Client.
  • [Optional] The Client settings from the previous computer can now be restored from the Client backup file via the Serendipity Client > Help menu > Restore Client Preferences option.

[Optional] Configure the new Server

Assuming no changes have been made to the network computer and printer IP addresses, the new installation should function and be able to process and print jobs immediately. However the following options may need to be configured suit the new hardware:-

  • If the number of available CPU cores has increased, consider increasing the number of Imaging and Rendering tasks to a recommend maximum of one task per available core, e.g. 8 CPU cores = 4 Imaging + 4 Rendering tasks. Tasks are configured in the Client > Server menu > Server Settings > Process tab.
  • If required, configure Working Paths (directories used for processing) in the Client > Server Menu > Server Settings > Working Paths tab.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Jobs in the Queuemanager of the previous Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress are NOT migrated across to the new installation.

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