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Spot Colour merging in RGB

Serendipity Blackmagic / Veripress 6.0+ users now have the option to display and merge spot colours in Softproof in an RGB colour space. Merging spot colours in RGB can result in significantly better on-screen colour matches.         … Continue reading

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Multi-resolution previews in Softproof

Multi-resolution Preview generation is a new feature is available to Veripress and Blackmagic (w/Softproofing Add-On) in version 6.0 When Multi-resolution generation is enabled, the server generates imaged and rendered preview files that include a pre-calculated pyramid of preview images (at … Continue reading

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Softproofing setup using Press Agent & Bookfilter

This guide is intended as a checklist used to configure Veripress to softproof publications defined by planning files and loaded using a press console. It is not a tutorial and assumes a general working knowledge of Veripress functions and applications. Press … Continue reading

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How to Calibrate a Monitor

The following is a step-by-step guide to calibrating a display for accurate softproofing in the Blackmagic/Veripress SoftProof application. The process described applies to calibrations for any SoftProof and press standard, but for this guide Blackmagic will be used to calibrate … Continue reading

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How to Crop an Image and Re-Submit

Open an image/job in SoftProof*. Press C in the SoftProof window, or select Tools menu > Crop. Click on the image in the main window or thumbnail and drag to draw a rectangle. Position the rectangle by dragging it to … Continue reading

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How to Apply a Digital Blueline

Open the SoftProof application and load a job, or load an image by selecting a job in the QueueManager and choosing View Original/Imaged. Select the Channels icon in the left menu bar to open the Channels widget. Right click in … Continue reading

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