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Proof Lock – ensure calibrated and colour verified soft proofing

Serendipity Blackmagic / Veripress 7.1.01+ includes a Proof Lock feature in Client Settings. Proof Lock allows Veripress / Blackmagic (w/Soft Proofing Add-on) system administrators to configure the Serendipity Client to disable the SoftProof window when the display needs calibration, or has failed to meet … Continue reading

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Truespot – Spot / Special Colour Iteration for Soft Proofing

Veripress 7.1+ and the Blackmagic 7.1+ SoftProofing Add-on brings a spot/special colour iteration feature to soft proofing. The Truespot function in the Displays application uses an iterative process to measure and verify spot colours, optimising them for viewing on your soft proofing display. … Continue reading

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Eizo ColorEdge CG277/CG247 Calibration Settings

When calibrating Eizo CG277 and CG247 monitors for Softproofing in Veripress and Blackmagic, Serendipity recommend the following Displays application settings:- Brightness: 180 cd/m2 Whitepoint: D65 (6500K) Gamma: 2.2 Options: Use Hardware Calibration Instrument: Eizo CG277 (or CG247) These settings are … Continue reading

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Spectrophotometer driver missing from the Instrument drop-down list

My spectrophotometer is missing from the instrument drop-down list. Users may find their spectrophotometer missing from the available instrument driver options in the Lineariser, Spectro, Calcheck and Displays applications or from Workbench Data Types such as Paper Profile. Firstly, check … Continue reading

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