Dongle Error Messages

All Serendipity Software products require an active USB product dongle be plugged in to the computer on which the Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress Server is running.

If a Serendipity dongle of the correct version and product type is not detected by the Server, a Dongle Error Message will pop-up and the Serendipity product will cease to function.

There are four (4) main causes for a dongle error:

  • No dongle is detected
  • The detected dongle is for the wrong Serendipity product
  • A dongle is detected, but is not authorised to run the current installed version of a Serendipity product
  • A dongle is detected, but it has expired (for demonstration dongles only)

Error Code 4-16: !!Authorisation Error!! Failed to detect a valid security Key

This error may appear under the following circumstances:
1. The Serendipity product dongle is not plugged into the machine attempting to run the Serendipity software package.

To fix this problem: Check the dongle is plugged in to a working USB port. The LED at the end of the dongle should be on, indicating the dongle is connected and functioning.

2. The operating system cannot detect or use the dongle because the Safenet Sentinel dongle driver has not been installed.

To fix this problem:

Download the latest Sentinel Driver from the website: HERE
If you have a Serendipity installation DVD, navigate to the dongle driver folder for your operating system and run the dongle driver installation package:
Mac OS X: ../dongle/macosx/SentinelSystemDriver.pkg
Windows: ../dongle/windows/Sentinel Protection Installer 7.6.9.exe
Linux: ..dongle/linux/sntl-sud-7.5.2-0.i386.rpm

Once installed, plug in the Serendipity dongle and run the Server application again

3. In rare cases the dongle may have developed a fault. Normally if this is the case, the dongle LED will not turn on even when inserted into a functioning USB port. Contact your Serendipity Dealer to request a replacement dongle.

Error Code 4-28: Detected Serendipity security key. However key not for this product

This error may appear under the following circumstances:
1. The dongle plugged in to the computer does not match the Server application you are trying to run. For example, a Blackmagic dongle is plugged in and you are trying to run Megarip.

To fix this problem: Either change dongles to match the product you are trying to run, or select the appropriate Server application to match the dongle.

Error Code 4-35: !!Authorisation Error!! Demonstration security key time limit has expired

This error may appear under the following circumstances:
1. The demo dongle plugged in to the computer has expired.
To fix this problem: Return the dongle to the Dealer that supplied it to you for use. If you wish to purchase the product, the Dealer will be able to assist from this point on.

Error Code 4-39: Found a valid dongle. However it cannot run this version of software. Please contact your Dealer to purchase a license code for this version

This error may appear under the following circumstances:
1. The software version enabled on the dongle does not match the version you are trying to run.
To fix this problem: Contact your Dealer to purchase a software upgrade to enable access to the version.

2. If you have purchased an upgrade/license for the installed product version, contact your Dealer to receive the update codes for your dongle. Dongle upgrade instructions may be found in the product manual.

3. If you have installed an incorrect version of the software, uninstall the software and reinstall the correct version as per the allowed level on the dongle.

To uninstall on Mac OSX:

Move the Serendipity folder installation to the Trash, then delete the installation receipts for the software.

Mac OSX 10.6+ users should delete these Blackmagic/Megarip/Veripress installation receipts:

from the hidden system folder: /var/db/receipts/

Mac OS X 10.5.8 users should delete the Serendipity.pkg file from the /Library/Receipts/ folder

To Uninstall on Windows:

Use the Uninstall option of Programs and Features in the Windows Control Panel.

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