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TECHKON SpectroDens – Wifi Connection

The TECHKON SpectroDens spectrophotometer was added to the list of supported instruments for Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress in version 7.1.01. The version 8.0+ Serendipity Client now features Wifi connectivity* for the SpectroDens on Windows, macOS and Linux. The … Continue reading

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Spectrophotometer driver missing from the Instrument drop-down list

My spectrophotometer is missing from the instrument drop-down list. Users may find their spectrophotometer missing from the available instrument driver options in the Lineariser, Spectro, Calcheck and Displays applications or from Workbench Data Types such as Paper Profile. Firstly, check … Continue reading

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How to Linearise a Media

Launch the Lineariser application (Application menu > Lineariser). Select the Media to linearise from the list of available items on the left. Select the device to measure the patches from the pulldown list of Densitometers. If you don’t have one … Continue reading

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How to Calibrate a White Ink Printer

This document may be used as a guide in order to calibrate the Epson WT7900 printer for printing on Epson ClearProof Film. The setup described here is specifically for an Epson WT7900. Paper Profile patches and Linearisation Curves will be … Continue reading

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