Rescuing a Serendipity v7+ Driverless Dongle

In the event a Serendipity v7+ Driverless Dongle is compromised, the software installation license directory has been deleted or has not correctly restored from an update, the following procedures are available to recover the Serendipity dongle and license information.

This is not available to Sentinel SuperPro dongles.

Important Note: To protect your software installation and data, Serendipity Software recommends a complete Server Backup be performed periodically, particularly after a software upgrade. The software ‘license’ folder and its contents are saved as part of the Server Backup (accessed via the Server > Help menu > Backup Server option).

To Restore a Version 7 Server Backup

The simplest method to rescue your Serendipity Dongle is to restore your license files from a previously saved Server Backup. To restore:-

  1. If not already connected, plug the Serendipity dongle into an available USB port.
  2. Run the Server application
  3. Select the Server > Help menu > Restore Server option
  4. A message will pop-up to confirm restore. Click Yes.
  5. Another message will appear stating the Server will need to be shutdown to continue. Click Yes.
  6. Navigate to the Server backup file location, select the file, and click Open to restore from the backup. The Restore process may take a minute or two, do not close any applications during this time.
  7. A message will appear to confirm when the Restore is complete. Click OK.
  8. Restart the Server.

The dongle should now be restored with licenses and drivers available for use.

To Rescue a Serendipity Dongle

If no Server Backup is available, it will be necessary to perform a dongle rescue. A rescue requires a dongle license string, obtained by emailing Serendipity Software at Note this code differs from a dongle update string.

  1. If not already connected, plug the Serendipity dongle into an available USB port.
  2. Run the Server Application
  3. A message will pop-up stating “No useable dongle found. If you have valid license string you can enter mode and repair a damaged dongle. Enter rescue mode? Yes/No.”
  4. You must have the dongle license string from Serendipity Software to continue. If you have the string, click Yes.
  5. A Dongle Updater window will open. Copy and paste the entire dongle license string (including the Begin and End lines) into Enter update string field. The code can also be imported directly from a text file using the Load from File button. Note incomplete or partial codes are not accepted by the updater.
  6. A correctly copied code will enable the Rescue Dongle button. Click it.
  7. A confirmation message will pop up after the dongle has been successfully rescued. Click OK.
  8. Quit then restart the Server.

If the license directory was deleted (or not recovered with a Server backup file), an activation/update string will be required to reactivate the dongle. If required, the Update String can be entered as per the procedure in the Serendipity v7.0 USB Dongle knowledge base article.

Note – To confirm if a dongle has been activated, select the About option in the Serendipity Blackmagic/Megarip/Veripress menu (Mac OS X) or File menu (Win) of the Server, then choose More/Less Info in the window to view the enable dongle licenses.

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