Studio Application – New Features for Version 8.1

Serendipity Blackmagic and Megarip, Version 8.1 includes new functions for the Studio application.

studio_newtools  (Left to right – Create Frame, Clear Frame, Pin, Unpin)

Create Frame

Available via the Edit menu and in the toolbar, Create Frame will place an empty frame in the Layout area. The default size is 7”x5”. The frame can be resized and edited, and an asset can be placed in it.

Clear Frame

Available via the Frame menu and in the toolbar, Clear Frame will remove an asset from any selected frames. A new asset can be placed in the empty frame once it has been cleared.


Available via the Frame menu and in the toolbar, Pin will “pin” any selected frame or group of frames to their current location within the Layout area. Any pinned frames cannot be moved, but empty frames can still have assets dropped into them. Pinned frames cannot be resized using the mouse.

Note: Auto-arrange and alignment functions will override any pinned frames.


Available via the Frame menu and in the toolbar, Unpin will unpin any selected frames or group of frames from their location so they can be resized and re-positioned as necessary.

Frame Styles

A new style – Frame with Border – is available via the Box Properties > Frame tab.

Selecting Frame with Border from the dropdown creates a coloured border around the selected frame. The default setting is white, 0.5cm thick (or wide).


Clicking on the … button next to the dropdown opens the Frame with Border Options window.


  • Frame Thickness – the thickness (or width) of the border around the selected frame.
  • Colour – a visual representation of the colour. Double-clicking this box will allow users to select a colour from a Special Colour Set (Blackmagic only).
  • Colour Space – Select from RGB, CMYK, or Lab.
  • Sliders – Create your own colour by moving the sliders or entering values in the fields.
  • Fit & Save – Fits the frame border and saves the settings, closing the window.
  • Save – Saves the settings and closes the window.
  • Cancel – Cancel out of the Options window.
  • Save as Defaults – Saves the current settings as the default for any Frame with Border created. To change, simply make adjustments as required and save the default again.
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