Java Error on Mac OS X Lion 10.7

Users on Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 may encounter a pop up message when they open a Serendipity Client window or Application containing a list of Spectrophotometer instruments, e.g. the Lineariser.

The message will state that a component of the software requires Java to run. The message is generated because the DTP70 Spectrophotometer driver provided by x-rite is written for Java.

Mac OS X Lion no longer provides the Java Runtime Environment by default.

Users have 2 options:-

1. Install Java Runtime on OS X

Follow the link in the error message pop-up to download and install Java for OS X Lion/Mountain Lion, after which the Serendipity Client and its Applications will start and run normally.

2. Remove the DTP70 driver

If the DTP70 Spectrophotometer driver is not required and/or the user does not which to install Java on Mac OS X Lion/Mountain Lion, close the message window which will shut down the Serendipity Client.

To remove the DTP70 driver from the Serendipity Software (Blackmagic / Megarip/ Veripress) installation and stand-alone Serendipity Clients:-

– Shut down the Server and any Clients.

– Remove the

file from any of these Serendipity installation folders:-

…/Serendipity Blackmagic/lib/readers/

…/Serendipity Megarip/lib/readers/


For stand-alone Serendipity Clients, right-click on the client icon and choose Show Package Contents, then remove the

file from the  /Contents/MacOS/readers/  folder.

After the drivers are removed, the Serendipity Client and its Applications will start and run normally.

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