Spectrophotometer driver missing from the Instrument drop-down list

My spectrophotometer is missing from the instrument drop-down list.

Users may find their spectrophotometer missing from the available instrument driver options in the Lineariser, Spectro, Calcheck and Displays applications or from Workbench Data Types such as Paper Profile.

Firstly, check the spectrophotometer is on the list of supported instruments.

If it is on the list, then there are a few possible reasons for the instrument not being listed in the drop-down menu(s):-

1. Running a 64-bit Serendipity Client

Perhaps the most common reason an instrument appears to be missing is because the user is running a 64-bit Serendipity Client. Not all manufacturers make 64-bit drivers for all instruments or on all operating systems – this is particularly true of older spectrophotometer models. As such, the device is not listed in the instrument drop-downs of the 64-bit Client.

Mac OS X users can simply switch the running mode of the Client from 64-bit to 32-bit. Shut down the Client then navigate to the Serendipity Client program in the installation directory. Select/highlight the Serendipity Client program and click CMD⌘+I (Get Info). In the pop-up Get Info window, tick the ‘Open in 32-bit Mode’ option. Restart the Client in 32-mode, the spectrophotometer should now be available for use.

Windows / Linux users running 64-bit installations will need to install a stand-alone 32-bit Serendipity Client from a Serendipity Software Installation DVD or from the Serendipity Software website. Close the 64-bit Client and run the stand-alone 32-bit Client to gain access to the spectrophotometer driver, which will now appear in the Instrument drop-down menu(s).

2. Instrument does not support the mode or function required

Some spectrophotometers are, by design, not able to perform particular functions. For example, the spectro may not be able strip read – required for linearising, or may only be capable of measuring reflective (printed) or emissive (display) sources. Check the instrument lists for your software (above) to see if the spectro supports the function.

3. Software version does not support the spectrophotometer driver

If you are running an older (not current) Serendipity Software version, it may not have support for newer instruments. In this case, speak to your dealer about a software upgrade.

4. Driver not available for the operating system

In some cases, the spectophotometer manufacturer does not provide driver support for an operating system, as such it can not be supported by Serendipity Software on that platform.

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