Connection Issues – Windows XP 32-bit

I have a problem starting version 5.3 Serendipity Client for the first time on Windows XP, 32-bit.

Users attempting to start up a stand-alone Serendipity Client v5.3 for the first time on Windows XP 32-bit may encounter a deadlock problem when attempting to connect to a Blackmagic/Megarip/Veripress Server running on another networked computer.

The Serendipity Client splash screen will open and remain on Connecting To Server indefinitely. This problem is an XP 32-bit compatibility issue with the improved Server/Client communication protocols introduced in version 5.3.

A simple workaround in the form of a single DOS command can fix the problem, allowing the XP Serendipity Client to connect to the Server.

Note: Before proceeding you will need to know the network name or the network IP address of the computer the Server is running on.

  1. Open a command prompt on the XP 32-bit Client machine.
  2. Use the ‘cd’ command to navigate to the Serendipity Client 32 directory. For example, if the Serendipity Client 32 folder was located in the C:\Serendipity folder, type the following command:

cd c:\Serendipity\”Serendipity Client 32″

Note: The quotation marks are required because the Serendipity Client 32 folder name contains spaces.

You should now see this prompt:

C:\Serendipity\Serendipity Client 32

If you have the Server computer network name type this command at the prompt:

ssclient -bmserver networkname

e.g. ssclient -bmserver titan

or if you know the Server computer network address, type:

ssclient -bmserver IPaddress

e.g. ssclient -bmserver

At this point the Serendipity Client should start up and connect to the Server.

  1. Now the Client has successfully connected and is working you need to save its Server connection preferences. To do this close the Serendipity Client. Preferences are saved on Client shutdown.
  2. Close the command prompt window.
  3. Restart the Client from the Desktop Icon. It should now open normally.



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