Using an iPad as a Touch Console Screen

Various apps are available that allow an iPad to be connected to a Mac OS X or Windows computer and used an additional touch screen display.

Serendipity Blackmagic and Veripress is able to utilise an iPad connected in this way for the Softproof – Touch Console interface.

The following apps have been tested for use with Touch Console:-

Setting up the iPad Touch Console

  1. Download and install the app of your choice on the iPad to be used.
  2. Download the complimentary software for the app and install it on the Mac OS X or Windows computer to be used as the main display for Touch Console. The final stage of installation will require a restart for the machine.
  3. After the computer restarts, open the app on the iPad and follow the instructions provided to connect the iPad to the computer.
  4. The iPad should now display an additional desktop. Configure the operating system display settings to position the iPad desktop in relation to the main display. Ensure the iPad is set as Display 2.
  5. Start the Serendipity Client.
  6. Open the Touch Console application via the Serendipity Client Application menu.
  7. The main computer display and the iPad should both turn purple and show the “Press to Place Touch Console Here” message.
  8. Touch the iPad screen.
  9. The Touch Console application should open on the iPad, ready for use.

NOTE – The Touch Console font or button sizes may need to be changed to suit the size and resolution of the iPad. Font size can be set using the TouchConsole menu >Font Options option. Button sizes is set via TouchConsole menu > TouchConsole Settings > TouchConsole tab > Button Size.

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