Eizo ColorEdge CG277/CG247 Calibration Settings

When calibrating Eizo CG277 and CG247 monitors for Softproofing in Veripress and Blackmagic, Serendipity recommend the following Displays application settings:-

Brightness: 180 cd/m2

Whitepoint: D65 (6500K)

Gamma: 2.2

Options: Use Hardware Calibration

Instrument: Eizo CG277 (or CG247)

Displays – Calibration Settings

These settings are optimal for proofing commonly used press standards, e.g. Fogra 39, GRACol, Fogra 42, Fogra 30v4, etc.

NOTE for Eizo ColorNavigator users:

When using Serendipity Blackmagic / Veripress for display colour management it is necessary to deactivate (un-tick) the Use ColorNavigator Agent option in ColorNavigator > Preferences > ColorNavigator Agent.

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