Proof Lock – ensure calibrated and colour verified soft proofing

Serendipity Blackmagic / Veripress 7.1.01+ includes a Proof Lock feature in Client Settings.

Proof Lock allows Veripress / Blackmagic (w/Soft Proofing Add-on) system administrators to configure the Serendipity Client to disable the SoftProof window when the display needs calibration, or has failed to meet the required the colour standard for on-screen proofing.

Enabling Proof Lock

Proof Lock is made available when the Calcheck Managed option is enabled in

  • (Windows / Linux) Serendipity Client > Application menu > Preferences > Colour tab > Monitor Settings
  • (macOS) Serendipity Client > Serendipity Client menu > Preferences > Colour tab > Monitor Settings

Tick the Proof Lock checkbox to turn it on.

5.ProofLock-enableProof Lock in use

When enabled, the SoftProof window is blocked by a red ‘X’, when the display meets one or more of the conditions detailed below. A message informs the user that soft proofing has been disabled, the reason(s) involved, and a course of action to restore soft proofing functionality.

  • The monitor has not been Calcheck verified using the Displays application.


  • The monitor has failed Calcheck verification and does not meet the required colour standard.


  • The assigned monitor ICC profile has exceeded the expiry time set in the Serendipity Client Preferences. 


  • The monitor ICC profile (Calibration) is more recent than the latest Calcheck verification.



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