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Sentinel Dongle Driver BUG FIX for Windows 10 feature update 1803

The Windows 10 – Feature Update version 1803 caused the Sentinel Dongle Driver used by our legacy Sentinel Superpro Dongles to not work correctly. Sentinel Superpro Dongle users will be unable to start their Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress version 7.1.01 … Continue reading

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Lab & RGB Spot Colours in PDF files

Serendipity Blackmagic / Veripress 7.1+ feature improved PDF spot colour handling. Lab and RGB special colours defined in PDF files are now recognised and processed using the PDF values when the colours are not listed in the Special Colour Set. PDF … Continue reading

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Softproof – Spectro Tool & Notes

The Softproof application Spectro tool in Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress 7.1+ has been updated with a simplified, compact interface. The new interface includes an Add to Note feature, allowing on-screen measurements to be stored as Notes, saved with the … Continue reading

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Adding Job Special Colours to Calcheck Charts

Serendipity Blackmagic 7.1+ includes an Include Job Colours option in Jobticket. When enabled, the option automatically appends job spot colours to the Calcheck Chart assigned to print with the job, allowing them to be verified. To enable Include Job Colours: Open the Workbench … Continue reading

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Paper Profile – a single paper density patch for 7.1+

Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip 7.1+ simplifies the measurement of Paper Profile density patches. The Measurement Window, activated using the Measure Patches button in Paper Profile, now requires only one paper patch – Patch 1 in the first ink channel – to … Continue reading

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