AMD Opteron 4100- & 6100-series based machine – Server won’t start

The Blackmagic/Megarip/Veripress Server will not start up on my AMD Opteron 4100- & 6100-series based machine.

Blackmagic, Meagrip and Veripress version 5.3 release installations were the first to be affected by this issue.

Machines built around these 4-core and 8-core series CPUs meet the minimum Intel Core 2 spec listed on the Serendipity Software website. However, the Intel compiler used for the v5.3 software prevented it from functioning on non-Intel chips at this architecture level.

Release versions 5.3.02 onwards resolve this issue, allowing 32-bit (only) installations to function on these CPUs. A 32-bit version of our software can be installed on a Windows 64-bit operating system with only a minimal loss in performance.

Versions 5.3.02+ can be downloaded from the website:-




or request a DVD from your Serendipity dealer.

NOTE – AMD Opteron 3200-, 4200- & 6200-series CPUs are not affected by this problem. These “Bulldozer” based Opterons are able to run either 32-bit or 64-bit installations.


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