Opened the Touch Console on main screen, now can’t close it

I opened the Touch Console application on my main screen by mistake. Now it takes up the whole screen and I can’t find a way to close it.

The Touch Console is a full screen interface and is designed to work alone on a monitor. As such it is always at the front of the desktop covering the taskbar, menus and so on.

To close the Touch Console:-

1. Hold down the shift key to show the mouse pointer (which will be hidden by the Touch Console). Left-click to make the Touch Console the currently selected window.

2. Type ctrl-W (for Windows) or cmd-W (for Mac OS X) to close the Touch Console window. Ctrl/cmd-W can be used to close any window/application in Serendipity Software products.

3. Quit the Serendipity Client – this will save the current client windows and settings

4. Restart the Client.

NOTE – Mac OS X users may find the Touch Console does not close when cmd-W is typed the first time. In this case, quit and restart the Serendipity Client, then repeat the steps above.

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