What’s on my Dongle?

All Serendipity Software products require a USB dongle in order to access the software.

The dongle controls the level of software accessible, and any input and/or output drivers available for use.

What’s On My Dongle?

To view the enabled input filters and/or output drivers on your USB dongle:

  1. Plug the current USB dongle into the computer and run the Server application for the product.
  2. Select the Server Menu > About Serendipity Blackmagic/Megarip/Veripress option.
  3. A separate window will open displaying the Information screen.
  4. Click on the More/Less Info button.
  5. A window will appear with a list of available inputs at the top, followed by any available output drivers and destinations at the bottom.
  6. Click OK when finished viewing the available items
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