Secure Mode

Blackmagic, Megarip and Veripess give users the option to login using Secure Mode, which allows the administrator to create accounts for users and groups, with each group configured to allow or deny its users access to particular applications and functions.

When Secure Mode is active, users are required to enter a username and password whenever the Client is started or users are changed. The username and password are both case sensitive.

The Accounts Admin menu option is selected in order to display the panels for configuring any Users and Groups and these should be created prior to activating Secure Mode.

The Log Out option only appears once Secure Mode has been activated. Selecting this while in Secure Mode simultaneously logs the current user out and generates the Login window with options to login as a new user and select a Server to connect to, or Quit the application. While the Login window is displayed, the Client is effectively locked to all users. The Server will continue to operate normally.

Important Note: It is recommended all users and groups requiring access be setup BEFORE activating Secure Mode. Secure Mode cannot be activated until at least one (1) user has been created. This would usually be the Admin account, as this is automatically created when the Accounts Admin option is selected for the first time.

Configuring Secure Mode

Select Server Menu > Accounts Admin… to display the configuration panels.

To create a User:

  1. Click the + icon in the bottom left of the window. To delete a user, click the – icon
  2. Enter a username in the Name field.
  3. Enter a User ID number or leave the default value.
  4. Create a password for the user and verify the details. The password boxes will always display black dots irrespective of the length of your password.
  5. Edit the permission level to the required access level.
  6. Enter the user’s email address (if notifications are required).
  7. Add a comment against the user if necessary.
  8. Assign a Group for the user.
  9. Add any extra privileges to the user if required. This will only show privileges not included in the group selected for the user.
  10. Add any notifications to the user if required.
  11. Apply the changes or select Revert to cancel.

To create a Group:

  1. Click the + icon in the bottom left of the window. To delete a group, click the – icon.
  2. Enter a name in the Name field.
  3. To add privileges, click the + icon in the Group Privileges panel. A list will appear to the left with all available items. To add, highlight the privilege and click the + icon at the top right of the window.
  4. Once you have finished adding privileges, click the X in the middle of the right edge of the panel to close the window.
  5. Click Apply to save any changes to the group or Revert to cancel.

Assigning Users to a Group:

  1. Users are assigned to the groups via the Users panel.
  2. Once you have created the user group, click on the Users panel.
  3. Select the User Name from the list of users.
  4. Select the Group to assign the user to from the Groups dropdown menu.
  5. Click Apply to save any changes or Revert to cancel.

Activating Secure Mode

Secure Mode should be activated after any users and/or groups have been created. Only an administrator or member of the admin group can activate or deactivate Secure Mode.

To activate:

  1. Select Server menu > Server Settings.
  2. Click on the General tab.
  3. Tick the checkbox at the bottom of the screen – Secure mode – to activate or deactivate.
  4. Click OK and close the settings when done.

If activating Secure Mode, a login window will appear as soon as you close the Server Settings.

If Email Notifications are setup for users:

  • Enter the mail server details in the Mail Server field. This is the outgoing SMTP server.
  • Enter the email address for the Sender (From) field of the email in the Sender Email Address field.
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