Updating Dongles

All Serendipity Software products require a USB dongle in order to access the software.

If a dongle ever requires updating (to access new software versions or input/output drivers) the following procedure explains how to do this. The procedure is also outlined in the product Manual.

Updating a SuperPro USB dongle

Before updating the dongle, an email must have been received from either Serendipity Software or your Dealer containing the new codes.

Two codes are required in order to update the dongle, referred to as Key Code 1 and Key Code 2. The codes are located in the “Dongle reprogram string” field of the email and are separated by a space.

The first long string of characters is Key Code 1. The second shorter string is Key Code 2.

To update the dongle:

  1. Plug the current USB dongle into the computer and run the Server application for the product.
  2. Select the Server File Menu > Update Dongle option. The Server will stop. If there are any Clients open, a Connect To Server window and/or disconnection message may appear.
  3. A separate window will open for the Dongle Updater application.
  4. Enter Key Codes 1 and 2 into the relevant fields. It is best to copy and paste these in order to avoid any keying errors. Do not copy the space between the codes.
  5. Once the codes have been entered correctly, the Update Dongle button becomes available. Click it.
  6. A confirmation message will appear after the dongle has been updated and a Server restart is necessary.
  7. Quit the Server application and restart. The dongle is now updated with any new version or driver access.
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