Paper Profiles for Canon “Printer Screening” Drivers

Blackmagic and Megarip include manufacturer printer screening or (HTM – half tone module) drivers as part of printer output suites provided with the software.

Printer screening drivers utilise manufacturer designed LUTs (look up tables) specific to individual media, resolution and print quality modes to control the printer’s output. In addition these LUTs provide access to simulated RGB color spaces not normally available  to CMYK printers.

When selected within Blackmagic/Megarip these drivers replace the dot selection, ink limiting and screening functions that would normally be performed by a media Paper Profile. As such, Paper Profile is normally disabled as an option in the Colour Correction panel of the Media.

Canon Printer Screening drivers provide both CMYK and RGB colour spaces, however in CMYK mode the driver LUTs do not include any ink limits – meaning ink limits need to be supplied by the RIP software.

Blackmagic/Megarip 5.3.03 and above re-enable the Paper Profile option in Media using a Canon (Printer Screening) driver for Ink Limting purposes.

When calibrating a Media using a Canon Printer Screening Driver in CMYK mode only,  it is necessary to create Paper Profile..

– ignore the Density Patch tab of the Paper Profile. as they are not used, then

– set Ink Limits using normal procedure

– assign the Paper Profile to the Media. 

NOTE – remember, do not assign a Paper Profile to a Media using an RGB color space.




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