Network Ports used by Serendipity products

Sometimes users may find a stand-alone Serendipity Client is unable to connect to a Blackmagic/Megarip/Veripress Server running on another machine on the network.

A common reason for this is a firewall between the Client and the Server. In order to connect, the ports used by the client for communication need to be opened or forwarded on the firewall / router.

To help system administrators with this, here is a list of ports used by our products.


9100/tcp main Serendipity Client connection port
9100/udp listens to broadcasts so Serendipity Client can list available servers
9103/tcp Serendipity Client connects here to retrieve thumbnails
9104/tcp published Asset Queue port

Slave server (Cluster Node)

9103/tcp server connects here and submits jobs
9103/udp listens to broadcasts so the server can enumerate available cluster servers (nodes)

Serendipity Client

Serendipity Client connects to port 9100/tcp on the server to execute commands
Serendipity Client connects to port 9103/tcp on the server to retrieve job thumbnails

Serendipity Software Remote Agent

The Remote Agent, if used, communicates with the server on port 9200.

In order to allow access to a Serendipity Blackmagic/Megarip/Veripress server from a remote client across a network, ports 9100/tcp and 9103/tcp will need to be opened or forwarded from the firewall/router to the computer the server is running on.

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