Veripress – Printing to a Published Pagesetup Printer Across a Network

Printing from Mac OS X to Mac OS X, or Windows to Windows

Printing to a published pagesetup printer across a network where both computers (the machine sending the print and the machine running the Veripress Server) share a common operating system is straight forward.

If network sharing has been enabled for the system printer destination created for use with the Veripress pagesetup, the printer will be available in the printer option of any other computer on the network.


Printing from Mac OS X to Windows, or Windows to Mac OS X

Printing from a computer on the same network but with a different operating system to the computer running the Veripress Server requires the creation of a new system printer on the computer that will be printing to Megarip.

This is done by following the steps outlined in the “Veripress – Publishing a Pagesetup on Windows 7” or “Veripress – Publishing a Pagesetup on Mac OS X” post (whichever is relevant for your operating system) with the following alterations:

When entering the TCP/IP address and the TCP port number:

  1. Enter the network TCP/IP address of the computer on which the Veripress Server is running (i.e., the machine you want to print to).
  2. Enter the TCP Port Number assigned to the Published Pagesetup you wish to print to.
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