How To Add a Separator Page

When proofing a complete booklet or magazine as paired pages that is perfect bound, it can be useful to find each section easily so that they can be folded, ready for the final assembly.

Each section is usually 8 or 16 pages and a book will contain a number of these sections which need to be folded.

To help find the sections you can use the function called “Add Separator Page” under the Collating panel of the Output when the method is set to Duplexing.

To configure:

  1. Select the Output for your paired pages.
  2. Enable the Add Separator Page option under the Collating panel.
  3. Enter the Maximum number of jobs that will make up a section. For example, if your sections are 16 pages then the number of jobs for a section would be 8 because they are paired.
  4. Save the Output.

The above configuration means that for each group of 8 page that are sent to the printer, an additional blank page will be added at the end.

This allows you to collect your job from the printer, locate each section, fold it and discard the blank separator page when done.

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