Serendipity Subscriptions – Help and HowTo’s

Serendipity Subscriptions are currently available in Australia for selected Blackmagic, Megarip, and Veripress products.

We have listed various Helpful links and HowTo articles below. If you have an issue you can’t find a solution to, contact Support.

Important Note: Serendipity Subscriptions are currently being piloted in Australia. Once the pilot period is over they will be rolled out to other countries.



Where can I download the Subscription Software packages?


Installation Instructions

Blackmagic Subscription Installation

Megarip Subscription Installation

Veripress Subscription Installation


Activation and Deactivation of Subscriptions

How do I activate/deactivate a Subscription?



How do I configure the Serendipity Client?



How can I contact Support, I have a technical issue?

Who can help me with a special configuration? or contact Support (see above)


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