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Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 / 4000 / 6000 Driver Setup

Canon’s imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 / PRO-4000 / PRO-6000 (PRO-520 / PRO-540 / PRO-560) printers store driver settings, paper type and print mode information internally. Before Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip can use the printer drivers, this media configuration data needs to be … Continue reading

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Migrating version 7.0 to a new computer

How do I move an existing Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress 7.0 installation to a new computer? Users may need to move their Serendipity software v7.0 installation to a new computer for different reasons, the most common being a hardware upgrade … Continue reading

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Printer Drivers available via Install Additional Software

Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress (version 6.0+) users are able to download additional software components and supported third party printer screening / HTM drivers directly from Serendipity Software via the Server > Help menu > Install Additional Software option. … Continue reading

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Rescuing a Serendipity v7.0 Dongle

In the event a Serendipity v7.0 Dongle is compromised, the software installation license directory has been deleted or has not correctly restored from an update, the following procedures are available to recover the Serendipity dongle and license information. This is … Continue reading

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Serendipity v7.0 USB Dongle

Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress version 7.0+ now utilise a driverless dongle to run the software and provide users with access to licenses, input and output drivers, and features. Existing users can continue to use existing Sentinel SuperPro dongles … Continue reading

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Software Updater Cache

Update 6 for Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress 6.0.01 added a software update caching feature. Any updates or Additional Software (such as HTM printer drivers) installed after Update 6, are stored in a ‘cache’ folder within the software installation … Continue reading

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Epson HTM drivers for Mac OS X 32-bit mode only

Certain legacy Epson HTM printer drivers for Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip on Mac OS X are only available when the Server is running in 32-bit mode*. Here is a list of the drivers:- Epson Stylus Pro 11880 / PX-20000 with … Continue reading

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Using an SSD with a Cluster Node

Working Paths are the folders used by Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress Servers and Cluster Nodes to store and process jobs. Cluster Nodes use the following working path folders:- Spool – the folder to which jobs sent from the main … Continue reading

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Paper Profile – Ink Separation Control

Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip 6.0.01 includes an improvement to Ink Separation Control in Paper Profiles, allowing greater control over the influence of light and standard inks across printer process ink channels. Separation Control tab The Separation Control tab displays graph … Continue reading

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Calcheck History

A Calcheck History feature was added to the Calcheck application in Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip version 6.0.01 When enabled, all Job and Media Calcheck results are stored in an internal database. The function enables a History button used to view previous … Continue reading

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