Multi-resolution previews in Softproof

Multi-resolution Preview generation is a new feature is available to Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress version 6.0+

When Multi-resolution generation is enabled, the server generates imaged and rendered preview files that include a pre-calculated pyramid of preview images (at power of 2 intervals), resulting in much faster, real-time zooming when Softproofing.

Activating Multi-resolution generation

The feature is enabled via a drop-down option located in the Server menu > Server Settings > Process tab.

The available generation options are:-

None – disabled. Previews generate in the same way they did prior to version 6.0

Fast – (default) suitable for the majority of workflows, this option slightly increases image and render times, and increases the disk size of the preview images by approximately one third.

High Quality – this option can (and should only) be used in the rare circumstance that moire or unwanted antialiasing appears in a Softproof preview. This option further increases image and render times, file size and results in slightly slower zooming.


The benefits of using this feature when processing jobs can be demonstrated clearly as follows:-

  • enable Multi-resolution generation : Fast in Server Settings
  • submit a job a high (720 dpi +) resolution.
  • open an Imaged (Original) or Rendered (Printed) Preview in Softproof then
  • rapidly zoom in and out by holding the Ctrl/Cmd key and Scrolling the mouse wheel.

As a comparison submit the same job with Multi-Resolution generation set to None. The difference in zoom responsiveness will be clear.

A video showing zooming in real time can be seen here.

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