How to Crop an Image and Re-Submit

  1. Open an image/job in SoftProof*.
  2. Press C in the SoftProof window, or select Tools menu > Crop.
  3. Click on the image in the main window or thumbnail and drag to draw a rectangle.
  4. Position the rectangle by dragging it to the desired position. Resizing a cropped area is only available in the main window.
  5. Press Enter and the image will crop. Alternatively, double-click inside the rectangle or right-click and select Crop from the contextual menu.
  6. To cancel a crop, press the Esc key or click outside the crop rectangle.
  7. Once cropped, right-click on the image and select File > Submit.
  8. Select the Pagesetup and Media to send the file to and press Submit.


*Note: The resolution of the preview determines the input resolution of the submitted image. If the rendered file is being viewed and the Print Preview is set to 180dpi (for example) this will be the resolution of the file submitted. It is therefore recommended for high output resolution to view the Imaged/Original Preview and crop that. This also needs to be the full imaged resolution.

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