How to Create an ICC Tweak Set

  1. Open the Workbench application.
  2. Select ICC Tweak Set from the Workbench datatypes list.
  3. Create a new tweak set by selecting File menu > New.
  4. Choose an Input Profile. This must match the Input profile selected in the Media you are creating a tweak set for.
  5. Choose an Output Profile. This must match the Output profile selected in the Media you are creating a tweak set for.
  6. Enter the name of the Tweak Set and press Enter. If the name “Untitled” is not selected, select it and edit the name.
  7. Select the rendering intent for the tweak set. This should match the Media you are using the tweak set with. You can copy and paste colours between rendering intents and all colours can be saved in all rendering intents. Only the colours saved in the Set under the rendering intent that match the Media are adjusted.
  8. Create a new tweak manually or by reading a colour with an online Spectrophotometer.
  9. Select the colourspace you are going to use to create the colour. If using the Spectrophotometer, the colourspace changes to Lab and shows the colour values read.
  10. Create the colour you want to adjust by moving the sliders or entering the values in the boxes shown. If using a Spectrophotometer, the values are entered automatically.
  11. Change the influence value to affect more or less colour around the values entered.
  12. Make adjustments to the colour as required.
  13. Repeat for all colours you want to create in the Tweak Set and save via File menu > Save.
  14. Go to the Media and select the Tweak Set under the ICC section and save.

ICC Tweak Set

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