How to Create a new Signature Manually

  1. Select Signature Group in the Workbench datatypes list.
  2. Select File > New to create a new Signature Group and name it.
  3. Select the Signatures tab and choose New to create a new signature. Enter a name for it.
  4. Select the Pages tab (or click in the page).
  5. Enter the values as desired for the Grid and Pages attributes.
  6. Paginate as desired. Either manually enter the page numbers or select all pages and choose Auto Paginate.
  7. Select the Signatures tab and choose Auto Fit or enter the desired values for the press Sheet.
  8. Save the configuration.

You can now select files for de-imposition and choose the new signature to use to de-impose. You can also select the signature in the Pagesetup for auto de-imposition. Any jobs submitted to the Pagesetup matching one of the press Sheet sizes of the Signature Group will use the signature for de-imposition.

The tolerances of the press Sheet size for matching signatures in the Pagesetup for auto de-impost is less than or equal to 1 inch in width and height. If no signature is found within these tolerances, the job passes through without being de-imposed.

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