How to Calcheck a Printer

  1. Select Application menu > Calcheck to launch the Calcheck application.
  2. Select the appropriate Spectrophotometer from the list of supported devices.
  3. Click Print Chart.
  4. Select the chart you wish to print from the list of Calcheck Charts (you can also attach the chart to a job via the Pagesetup).
  5. Allow a short time for the print to stabilise before measuring.
  6. Make sure to cut the printout where the crop marks appear. Cutting the paper too close or too far from the chart can result in failed measurements.
  7. Click on the Measure button.
  8. Choose your chart from the list of Calcheck Charts and select OK.
  9. Follow the on screen instructions to take your measurements.
  10. One all patches have been measured the application will display the results. A green tick will indicate a pass and a red cross will indicate the validation has failed.


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