How to Calcheck a Job

This article refers to features included in Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip version 5.4.03 and earlier.

  1. Choose your Pagesetup from the Workbench datatypes list.
  2. Under the ICC section, tick the Print Calcheck checkbox to enable it.
  3. Select the device that matches the Spectrophotometer you will be using to measure the chart.
  4. Choose your Calcheck Chart via the Chart button.
  5. Save the Pagesetup.

As jobs pass through the Pagesetup, the Calcheck Chart will be attached to each one. Once the job and chart have had some time to stabilise, check it.

  1. Trim the Chart to the printed crop marks.
  2. Locate the job in the QueueManager. Right-click and choose Calcheck job.
  3. This will open the Calcheck application and use the last selected instrument as the device. If the instrument does not match the one conntect, the instrument selection will fail. Dismiss the error message, select the correct instrument and click Measure to proceed with the job checking.
  4. Choose your chart from the list of Calcheck Charts and click OK.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions to take your measurements.
  6. Once all patches have been measured the application will display the results. A green tick will indicate a pass and a red cross will indicate a fail.
  7. Click the Print Label button if you require a label to attach to the job.
  8. Select your label printer. Check page size and orientation. Click Print.
  9. Stick the label on the proof.
  10. You can also open the Calcheck application and select Check Job. This will display a job manager window. Simply locate the job from the list and click OK to continue with the Calcheck in the normal way. Checking a job places the Jobname in the Calcheck window and on the label.
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