Honour Embedded Screening

Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip 7.1.01+ features an Honour embedded screening function in the Jobticket > Postscript / PDF Options panel.


When active, this option extracts the screen angles and frequency (LPI) values embedded in supported Adobe separated postscript files, using them to replace the halftone Output Screening LPI and angles configured in the Media for submitted jobs.

Colour separation screen angles and frequencies embedded in a supported file will override the Media Output Screening settings as follows:

  • Screening method will override the Media screening Method, e.g. halftone will override FM Screening.
  • Halftone screen angle will override the Media halftone screen Angle.
  • Halftone screen frequency (LPI) will override the Media halftone Frequency (LPI).


  • Halftone dot shape is not extracted and will NOT override the Media Dot Shape.
  • Media Output Screening Overrides always take priority over file embedded screen and angles.
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