Waiting for Correct Media – QueueManager job status

Submitted jobs are not printing and are listed in the QueueManager with a status of ‘Waiting for Correct Media’. Why?

Answer: The Output queue (printer) to which the jobs are being sent has a Media assigned it different to the Media of the submitted jobs.

The Change Media option in the Queues panel of the Output is used as an optional safeguard against paper waste and a workflow control method.

If a Media is assigned to the Output, only jobs submitted to the Output using the same Media will be printed. All other jobs are held in the QueueManager, with a status of “Waiting for Correct Media’, until the Media they were submitted to is assigned to the Output. If no Media is assigned, all jobs sent to the Output are printed.

Solution: Click the Change Media¬†button. A chooser window will appear. Then either select the Media from the list matching the Job’s media and click OK, or select ‘None’ to unassign a Media from the Output.

Save the Output. The ‘Waiting’ jobs will start printing shortly afterwards.

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