Running the Serendipity Agent as an Admin Service

Serendipity Blackmagic / Veripress users in certain Windows operating system environments may find the Serendipity Polling Agent service will not start at login or after installation.

A common reason for this is the Windows user account login not having access to administrative privileges. For this reason, it is always recommended that the Agent installation, just as with the Blackmagic and Veripress software, be performed while logged into an administrator account.

It is a requirement that the Serendipity Polling Agent be run as an administrator service even when the computer on which it is installed is not logged into a Windows admin account.

To configure the Serendipity Polling Agent to always login and run as an administrator service, follow these steps:-

1. Log in to Windows on an administrator user account. Install the Serendipity Polling Agent.

2. Open the Windows Control Panel, then open Administrative Tools

Open Administrative Tools in the Control Panel

3. Select and open Services in the Administrative Tools window.

Select Services in the Administrative Tools window

4. Locate Serendipity Software Remote Agent in the ‘Services (Local)’ list.

Select Serendipity Software Remote Agent

5. Double-click on the Serendipity Software Remote Agent service to open its Properties window.

6. Go the Log On tab. Select This Account, enter an administrator account name and password, click Apply, then OK.

Enter in admin account name and password

7. Check the Services (Local) window to see the Serendipity Software Remote Agent service has a status of Running. If the service is Running, click the ‘Restart the service’ option to the left of the list to ensure the service correctly starts using the new login. If the service status is Stopped, then click the ‘Start the service’ option.

8. Close the Services, Administrative Tools and Control Panel windows.

9. Restart Windows.

The Serendipity Polling Agent should now run in the background, regardless of the privilege level of the user login account.


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