Jobticket SoftProof Options – Default Press

Veripress / Serendipity Blackmagic w/Soft Proofing Add-on 7.1.02+ adds a Default Press option to Jobtickets used for soft proofing.

When a Default Press is assigned, any jobs submitted via the Jobticket will open in the SoftProof window using that Press, overriding the default press settings.

This feature allows pages for publications printed using multiple stocks, to automatically load in SoftProof using the assigned Press, without the need for an operator to manually switch the Press configuration for certain pages.

Assigning a Default Press to a Jobticket

  • Open the Workbench application and select the Jobticket.
  • Select the SoftProof Options panel.
  • Click on the Default Press button.
  • Select the required Press from the pop-up chooser window, then click OK.
  • Save the Jobticket.


Configuring SoftProof Settings

To configure the SoftProof application to utilise a Jobticket assigned Default Press:

  • Open the SoftProof application.
  • Select the File menu > SoftProof Settings option.
  • Select SoftProof Settings > View Options tab.
  • Tick the Honour Embedded Press checkbox option in the On Load panel.
  • Click OK to save the setting.


Note – Jobs submitted for soft proofing to a Jobticket without an assigned Default Press, load using the SoftProof Default Press as normal.

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