How to Direct Jobs to a Specific Node

  1. Make sure the Node is running.
  2. Create a Pagesetup and configure it as required. Save when done.
  3. Create a Pagesetup Pool and select your Pagesetup.
  4. Open the Clustering application and right click over the Node.
  5. Select Pick Processing Pool from the contextual menu. A Pagesetup Pool chooser window will appear displaying the available pools. Select the pool created in the previous step.
  6. You will see the pool under the Processing Pool column in the Cluster Node list. You may need to expand the window or use the scroll bar.
  7. Submit a job to the Pagesetup or Pagesetup Pool and it should be directed to the Node allocated for processing.
  8. Add more Pagesetups or Pagesetup Pools are required.
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