Copying the Megarip C5 Media Library and Printers

Megarip C5 does not have access to the database Archive utility included with other Serendipity Megarip products.

However, for various reasons, it may be necessary for a user to move or copy the C5 Media Library and/or Printers to a C5 installation on another machine, or simply to make a backup of custom configurations.

This is achieved by manually copying the appropriate folders from Megarip C5 to the new installation.


1. Shut down Megarip C5.

2. Copy the required folders, listed below, from your Mac OS X or Windows installation.

NOTE – the ‘user account’ folder referred to below┬áis the login account C5 is run from.

Mac OS X

Use the Finder to navigate to and copy the following Megarip folders:-

/Applications/Serendipity/Serendipity Megarip/lib/defaultss.dbd

/Applications/Serendipity/Serendipity Megarip/lib/icc

/Users/user account/Library/Application Support/Serendipity/C5

NOTE – the user Library folders are hidden from the Mac OS X Finder view. In order to get to the C5 library folder, click on the Desktop and select the ‘Go to Folder…’ option from the Finder ‘Go’ menu then type the folder path in the pop-up field.

Windows 7 / Windows 8

Use Windows Explorer to navigate to and copy the following Megarip folders:-

C:\Serendipity\Serendipity Megarip\lib\defaultss.dbd

C:\Serendipity\Serendipity Megarip\lib\icc

C:\Users\user account\AppData\Roaming\Serendipity\C5

NOTE – in Windows, the ‘AppData’ folder is is hidden. Ensure Windows Explorer options are set to Show Hidden Folders.

3. Copy and Replace the folders to the same locations in the other Megarip C5 installation.

It is possible to copy Media Library and Printers across operating systems. For example, if copying from Mac OS X to Windows, move the folders from the Mac OS X locations and place them into the Windows locations (above).

4. Start the new Megarip C5 installation, all the Media Packs and Printers should be present and ready to use.






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