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How to Calibrate a Printer (version 6.0+)

The following is a step-by-step guide to the methods used to achieve ISO calibrated output using Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip version 6.0+. The setup described below is for an Epson 7900 being calibrated to a Fogra 39 standard. Linearisation Curves will be generated using … Continue reading

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Configuring N-Colour Media and Paper Profiles for printers with custom ink sets

Serendipity Blackmagic and Megarip 5.4.02 added a new NColour Ink Configuration function allowing users to profile printers loaded with non-standard replacement ink sets. The interface can define a customised printer ink set including ink colours, light inks and device spot … Continue reading

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Copying the Megarip C5 Media Library and Printers

Megarip C5 does not have access to the database Archive utility included with other Serendipity Megarip products. However, for various reasons, it may be necessary for a user to move or copy the C5 Media Library and/or Printers to a … Continue reading

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How to Linearise a Media

Launch the Lineariser application (Application menu > Lineariser). Select the Media to linearise from the list of available items on the left. Select the device to measure the patches from the pulldown list of Densitometers. If you don’t have one … Continue reading

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How to Create an ICC Tweak Set

Open the Workbench application. Select ICC Tweak Set from the Workbench datatypes list. Create a new tweak set by selecting File menu > New. Choose an Input Profile. This must match the Input profile selected in the Media you are … Continue reading

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