Serendipity Updater – Additional Software downloads

Serendipity Blackmagic / Megarip / Veripress (6.0+) features enhanced Serendipity Updater functionality and the ability to download software components and printer screening / HTM drivers directly from Serendipity Software.

The first time the Blackmagic/Megarip/Veripress server is run, it runs a Scan for Additional Software. This scan performs several functions:-

  • Catalogues all the additional software components currently installed, including test prints and printer screening/HTM drivers. These are then listed individually in the Installed Updates tab of the Serendipity Updater.
  • Checks Serendipity’s online software catalogue for any uninstalled (or new) drivers or components that have not been installed. These are then listed for optional download in a new Additional Software tab.
  • (Windows only) removes printer drivers not required on the 32-bit or 64-bit platform on which the software is installed. e.g. if Blackmagic 64-bit is installed, the 32-bit HTM drivers will be deleted.

Benefits / Enhancements

All software components and supported third party printer screening / HTM drivers are now available individually for download directly from Serendipity Software.

The ability to download additional HTM / Printer screening drivers and additional components means that licensed users can now perform a complete v6.0+ software installation using only the Blackmagic  / Megarip / Veripress software installers downloaded from our website. The installation DVD is no longer required.

If a new Media is created on the Workbench, or downloaded from the online Media Catalogue, the user will be notified if a driver component needs to be installed. The required driver is tagged by the software and will be downloaded next time Check for Updates is selected.

Users will be notified via the View Errors message if Jobs that fail to Image or Render because a driver is missing. The driver can then be installed using the Install Additional Software option in the Server > Help menu.

Updates to installed components or drivers will automatically listed in Available Updates when a Check for Updates is run.

Significant reduction in disk space for new installations as only the required drivers need be installed.

Serendipity Updater – Server / Client (stand-alone) Help menu options

The following is an overview of the existing and new Server (and stand-alone Client)> Help menu items related to the Updater:-

Update Options – configures a time for the server to periodically check for software updates.

Check for Updates – immediately checks online for any available software updates. If any are available, pop-ups will ask if the user wishes to install them and to shut down the Server. The Serendipity Updater will open on the Available Updates tab, listing the items ready to be installed.

Install Local Updates – allows users to manually update the software offline, using a previously downloaded Update (.pax) package file. These files are available from our website Support page.

Install Additional Software – opens the Serendipity Updater on the Additional Software tab. Listing any new and uninstalled software components and/or printer screening drivers. Each listed item can be ticked individually for installation. It is recommended the Server be shut down manually before any new components are installed.

Note – Printer drivers will be listed by a single model within those included with each driver. Available drivers for all printer manufacturers are listed, and while they can all be downloaded, the software will only grant access to licensed printers.

Rebuild Additional Software – this option is normally only to be used upon a request by Serendipity Support. The option runs a fresh software scan that may then require components to be downloaded and installed.

Available Updates

Additional Updates

Installed Updates


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